The World of Nutrigenomics – Science and Health


It sounds like a science fiction. Nutrigenomics, merging nutrition and genetics to yield the perfect nutritional soup on which to feed manhood! Until now, believe it or not, that day has come.

Nevertheless, it is not that bad. If you don’t like soup you can have steak or chicken, and even a burger: if your genetic factor approves! One of the benefits of the Human Genome Project when it was completed in 2003 is that our genetic construction can be connected to our optimal nourishment. That isn’t to say that there is a large sign saying ” No Broccoli” but that certain molecular constructions in our food are more well-matched with the structure of those of our genetic factor accountable for ingestion and absorption of the nutrients in our food.

This sort of thing was first observed in 1945 and later, when Japanese transported to the USA became fat on the American diet. They turn out to be more well-matched to the Sumo ring than a penal cell or anywhere else they were deployed. The same is true of the Inuits or Eskimos, who did not become fat on their normal diet of whale blubber and cover meat, filled with fats of one specific type, but did on a diet of American burgers and other fast foods, full of fats of a hereditarily diverse kind.

Though the reason was essentially known to ph meter experts, they could never verify it, but now the unscrambling of the human genome delivers that proof: it is associated with the genes. So how does that affect you? In fact, it touches you more than you might trust for the reason that this is the new age of genetic science, cheers to the Genome Project. We are entering an age when your diet may be determined by genetic examination.

It sounds like science fiction to show a sample of your DNA by means of a swab from your nerves, to a research laboratory and have them send you back your perfect enhancement package. Yet that is what is happening now, as you read this, and the idea is fact: a fact that is reinforced by well-known scientists and that is anticipated to be the norm before too long. Know about tds meter here!

If you are too overweight, your doctor will take a DNA sample from you and come back with your perfect diet. You may have to eat more or less fat, more or less cabs. If you want to learn more about health and science, you can visit


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